5 Ways to Do Better As an Ally

Each week, Karen Catlin shares five simple actions to create a more inclusive workplace and be a better ally.

Illustration titled Responses to Racist Behavior. There is a spiral notebook page with 4 points. Seek clarity: “Tell me more about __.” Offer an alternative perspective: “Have you ever considered __.” Speak your truth: “I don’t see it the way you do. I see it as __.” Find common ground: “We don’t agree on __ but we can agree on __.” The page has the National Museum of African American History & Culture. In the lower corners are the better allies logo and a red bubble with betterallies.com
Phrases from the “Being Antiracist” resource on The National Museum of African American History & Culture website

1. Memorize a phrase to respond to racist behavior

2. Hold an inclusive language hackathon

3. Record how to pronounce your name

4. Ask where your company keeps its cash on hand

5. Capitalize the “b” in Black

Everyday actions to create inclusive, engaging workplaces. Together, we can — and will — make a difference with the Better Allies® approach.