How You Can Be an Ally for Older Workers, and Other Actions for Allies

Each week, we share five simple actions to create a more inclusive workplace and be a better ally.

Photo of the back of a man’s head of gray hair with the initial signs of a bald spot, via Canva

1. Make a list of older people who stay relevant

Tweet reading, “Does anybody have any good articles on how to be a good ally to tech workers over the age of 40? I’m finding a lot of ‘yup, ageism sure is a problem’ articles, not a lot of actionable takeaways for addressing the problem at the individual level.”

2. Push back if you see someone discrediting another’s work

3. Support women who use their hard-earned honorifics

Tweet reading “Twitter is the only place I put my title, and I resisted for 5 years. Since doing so, men (only men!) have accused me of putting on airs. Or being too ‘academic.’ This week, we’ve seen exactly what happens to accomplished women who get ‘too famous.’ I’m keeping my title here.”

4. Use stock photos of marginalized people

5. Sponsor people who are a different race or gender than yourself

Being an ally is a journey. Want to join us?

Everyday actions to create inclusive, engaging workplaces. Together, we can — and will — make a difference with the Better Allies® approach.

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